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Now, you can browse the Legislation and Court Judgements Databases using the following hyperlinks:

  • Search in Legislation: This hyperlink displays unconsolidated regulations. Users can browse a regulation as well as each one of its respective amendments separately. This hyperlink includes all effective and repealed regulations.

  • Search in Consolidation: Users can browse new legislative units, which comprise an original regulation consolidated with its relevant operative amendments. A regulation is read as one final unit. This hyperlink also provides access to a copy of a regulation at any point in time a user wishes.

  • Family Law for Christians: A separate hyperlink provides access to regulations that are not published in the Official Gazette. In contrast, those published can be browsed in the manner applicable to all other regulations.
Court Judgements
  • Search Judgments: The best and most accurate results can be accessed through a set of fields on the search interface. Users can fill out all or some fields as they wish or according to information available.

  • Search Judgments - Kashaf: Users can search more than sub-category; i.e. several sub-categories within a single main term. Without need to fill in sub-categories or the three main terms, users can also search a single sub-category within more than one of three main terms of a court judgement. Users can search one or more sub-categories or main terms.

  • Browse Judgments - Kashaf: Users can select the main term to be searched. A list of themes under the selected main term appears. By selecting a theme, a sub-category entailing terms down to the narrowest term under the selected theme is displayed. The narrower the term a user chooses, the narrower and more accurate the results are.