Legal and Related Links
Institue of Law - Muqtafi Online - Related Links
  1. Palestinian Legislative Council : drafted and confirmed laws
  2. Palestinian Ministry of Justice
  3. The Palestinian *draft* constitution in Arabic and in English
  4. Palestinian Bar Association - bar news, programs, addresses etc. Some items are ready.
  5. Law Society: press releases, draft laws and treaties, reports, conferences etc.
  6. Al-Haq Online: human rights organization - press releases, publications and references (including treaties related to Palestine)
  7. The Arab Organization for Human Rights: links and resources
  8. The Arab Association for Human Rights: looking after the Palestinian rights against Israeli law
  9. The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizen's Rights:
  10. Adalah - non-profit, non-sectarian Arab-run legal center in Palestinian green line areas
  11. B'Tselem: the Israeli information center for human rights in occupied Palestine
  12. International Commission of Jurists website
  13. The American Society of International Law - ASIL resources on criminal law, armed conflict, human rights, environmental law and lots more.
  14. Lebanese Bar Association (in Arabic)
  15. List of bar associations around the world (from HierosGamos)
  16. Treaties, accords, protocols and resolutions related to Palestine and Middle East
  17. Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) (Laws of the world, from the Library of Congress)
  18. Hieros Gamos - The Comprehensive Law and Government portal law resources worldwide
  19. International Centre for Commercial Law - contains latest commercial law developments and law firm contacts
  20. Legalease - Legalease products and services
  21. Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) provides free internet access to Australian legal materials
  22. Madamek Computer and Law Studies and Research office
  23. Saudi Arabia Lawyers - portal-like site with subscription service. This is part of a larger Arab Lawyers Network (mostly in Arabic)
  24. Law Books - online legal bookshop (Arabic)
  25. The Institute for Human Rights (Lebanon) - Arabic, English and French, by the Beirut Bar Association
  26. International Criminal Court (ICC) Coalition
  27. International Constitutional Law (ICL) (Constitutions of all nations - except a few, in English)
  28. Program on Governance in the Arab Region - POGAR (portal, in English, Arabic planned). See also Arab Social Science Research - ASSR - topic, resource and country index
  29. Arab Parliamentary Database - search legal texts of Arab legislature (in Arabic)
  30. Egyptian Legislation (in Arabic, requires subscription)
  31. Syrian Law (Arabic and English)
  32. Jordanian Legal Databank (in Arabic)
  33. Lebanese Ministry of Justice (info, laws and constitution)
  34. Arab Legal Network (in Arabic, legislation in Arab countries)
  35. FindLaw Legal Resources - cases, indexes, schools, organizations, library, US codes and many more
  36. Law School Online - begin your legal search here
  37. Internet Tools for Lawyers - helping legal professionals use the Internet
  38. Law Central - the portal of legal portals: lots of legal links
  39. IIT Library: US (federal and state) laws, laws of all nations (incl. UN and EU)
  40. The E-Text Archives
  41. Law reviews and journals - list of law journals arranged by topic. Some have full text
  42. WashLaw Web - every thing related to law from Washburn University (journals, books, schools, search engines ...)
  43. Electronic and Research Resources from USC - arranged by subject, indicates if full text is available
  44. Cornell University Law School - check library and legal research encyclopedia
  45. Yale Law School: includes the Avalon and other projects

  46. Association of American Law Libraries
  47. The British Library - UK's national library with online resources
  48. BUBL Link - law resources, Dewey classification, includes item description
  49. Kluwer Academic Publishers - publishing house
  50. Yahoo! law schools directory - listing of universities with law schools/programs
  51. Lex Mercatoria International Commercial Law & E-Commerce Infrastructure Monitor - resources: 1993 - 2000
  52. Law Reports (UK) - daily law notes which are free summaries of reportable cases within 24 hours of judgment
  53. Internet Legal Resource Guide - A categorized index of more than 4000 select web sites
  54. MIT OpenCourseWare - free course materials from MIT's Faculty
  55. Palestinian Telephone Directory (in Arabic)