Having launched AL MUQTAFI website in 1995, the Institute of Law (IoL) at Birzeit University continuously ensures its topicality and maintenance. Establishing a common language between laws and computer staff was not an easy task. Teams of legal researchers and information technology engineers, and their management and administrative and financial support, undertook the project.

Dr. Camille Mansour, Director of IoL 1994-2000. Initiator of the idea of a legal databank, Dr. Mansour followed it throughout very closely with ideas and motivation.

Legal Consultancy:
Dr. Ghassan Faramand, Director of IoL and professor of law in Birzeit University.

Information Technology:
Mr. Ghassan Abdullah, prepared the initial systems analysis study and plans for the legal databank and headed the working team of systems engineers.

Systems engineers:
Omar Sahili, Hani Boullata, Khaled Assali (outsourcing), Nihad Awad, Ahmad Hammo, Mustafa Dalal, Hanan Yaghi, Abderrahman Hamarsheh, Abed Khooli, Mohammed al Khatib, Ahmed al Butmeh, Issa As'ad, ,Amin Taha Hussein.

Legal Researchers:
Manal al Jubeh, Ruba Shuaibi, Samer Fares, Murad Fares, Muein Barghouti, Mays Warrad, Hania Assali, Musa Abu Dheim, Ihab Sam'an, Malak Musa, Hatem Sous, Rania Joza', Lana Irshaid, Baha' Sa'adi, Ruba Tawil, Ahmad Abu Zeineh, Mohammad Khader, Mustafa Abdul Baqi, Mohammad Rabi, Tareq Touqan, Wafa Hamayel, Riyad Abu Heibeh, Hussein Abu Hannoud, Nicolas Jacobs, Stephanie David, Rana Bahu, Samar Abdu, Mohmoud Dodeen, Samer Shbeitah, Bayan al Qawasmi, Ahmed Khaled, Fateh Hamarsheh, Hadeel Barghouthi, Haya Ali Haj Ahmad, Ikhlas Bader, and Ayah Umran.

Administration and Support staff:
Genia Helou, Wassim Aref, Bashar Qrei, Bashar Idkaidek, Suheil Batanjeh, Ala' Hamad, Rana Haj Yaseen, Mansour Daraghmeh, Samar Barghouti, Rana Shamshoum, Samia Tawil, and Nisreen Kharouf

Flags and Logos Names of Donors/Partners:
European Union
Belgian Consulate
The Ford Foundation
The French Government
The World Bank, through Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR)
The British Council
Konrad Adenauer Foundation
Consortium of European Universities
Royal Danish Representative Office in Ramallah
Royal Dutch Representative Office in Ramallah
USAID, through Rule of Law Project executed by DPK